Kitchen Fire Suppression System

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Fire Shield Fire Protection for portable fire extinguishers and more. With over 35 years in the fire protection business. At Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc., we offer the best fire protection services in the city of Highland Village and throughout North Texas.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Restaurants, and similar businesses with kitchens, face higher risks of fires than many other industries. Commercial kitchens are designed to cook foods at extremely high temperatures, using oil and greases. In this environment a fire can occur at anytime. This is why kitchen fire suppression systems and Highland Fire Extinguisher Class fire extinguishers are a an essential part of any fire protection plan.

At Fire Shield Fire Protection, our trained personnel serve customers throughout the City of Highland and Highland County, through inspection, maintenance & testing of kitchen fire suppression systems. We make sure countless kitchen fire suppression systems throughout North Texas operate at optimal performance.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection, Maintenance & Testing

Scheduling a routine inspection, maintenance or testing with Fire Shield Fire Protection is a must to protect any commercial kitchen from the reality of fires and the financial losses experienced in such a disaster. Whether you need to upgrade your system to UL 300, add nozzles to protect new cooking equipment, or need a new kitchen fire suppression system for your business; Fire Shield Fire Protection will design, install and routinely inspect your kitchen fire suppression system.

Ensure that your restaurant will not go up into flames. Call Fire Shield Fire Protection today to keep your kitchen fire suppression system operating optimally.